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If you're reading this text, you probably pay a large amount of attention to smaller details. That is something I deeply admire. Thank you very much.

Welcome to my website.

This website is a passion project of mine, forever unfinished and constantly being added to. I have multiple years of HTMl experience and yet my websites still tend to look kind of awful. This is okay though. Everyone has an awful-looking website. That is something to be embraced here.

If you really must refer to me, call me Keni. Only my friends are allowed access to my chumhandle. If you ever talk to someone claiming to be me and you are not a close friend of mine, it is very unlikely that is actually me.

More about the webmaster.

Note: None of the following will be personal information. If you're trying to track me down, you're out of luck.

Main Interests: Political ideologies (especially Communism), knights, chemistry

Favorite Musicians: The B-52's, Oingo Boingo

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Animal: Cats

Favorite Food: Crab Rangoon

What am I wearing? (as of writing this): White t-shirt, black shorts, black suspenders, and a classic black bowtie. Can't go wrong with bowties.

Least Favorite Thing(s): Cops, rules, and (most) men.

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