ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to CLAY'S WORST WEBSITES IN HISTORY. you fuckers know the drill by now. every friday i take a look at a website that is truly shit and i pick apart why i find it so awful. today we're going to be looking at the website of keni, also known around the web as triflerlab (you've probably seen her on SEARCHFORTHETRUTH.COM, which i covered in WORST WEBSITE REVIEW #6).

and folks, this one is a fucking doozy if i've ever seen one. just a quick warning, you might want to cover your eyes for this one, because THIS...

...HURGHHH. fucking vomit inducing.


the only thing on this website that i actually kind of like is the private diary page, but of course, if i posted that here, keni would throw a pants-shitting tantrum until i took it down. too pErSoNaL or whatever. WHO CARES.


TWO HUGE STEAMING LOGS OF MAGGOT-INFESTED POOP OUT OF TEN. extra points for including the shoutout to me on there.


the webmaster of royalprinceofdoom.geocities.org is a fucking badass. he's cool, awesone, sexy, and can topple down whatever he deems shitty, whether it be a government filled with pussies or even just a person on the internet that's annoying as fuck to him. he's right about everything and your opinion SUCKS.

if you've come to complain to him about how he hated on you, or even about how he wrote an article on why your website looks like shit, then TOO FUCKING BAD, LOLCOW. that's just how the internet works. people are gonna say what's on their minds whether you like it or not. it's a little something called FREE SPEECH. GET USED TO IT. "wahhh you said something mean to me" BOO-HOO, COPE WITH IT, MORON.

if you're here to see the reactions i get out of people, though, you're in luck. welcome, friend, to ROYALPRINCEOFDOOM.GEOCITIES.ORG