so, pokemon! pokemon is a really good game. in case youve been living under a rock, pokemon red and blue are two games that are basically the same, about catching a bunch of monsters called pokemon and making them battle again each other. don't worry, it's not as, er...gruesome as it sounds. it's a really fun game for not only the youngsters but adults as well!

basically, pokemon has some really cool creatures in it. you probably seen pikachu around, and he's the most popular one, the mascot of the franchise. and he's pretty cute too, look at him!


there's also a cat pokemon, named meowth, who evolves into persian. he's a villain in the anime, with team rocket, and he's really funny. in the anime, he can speak english, which makes him way different than the other pokemon, because other pokemon can only say their name. here's him!

one of the coolest pokemons, is charizard, who evolves from charmander, one of the starter pokemon. he's a dragon and he can breathe fire, which a lot of fire type pokemon can do, but charizard looks really cool when he does it. here's what he looks like!

one of my favorite pokemon, though, is eevee! eevee can evolve into not one, not two, but THREE different forms! isn't that awesome? in my comic, she fuses with spyro to become spyvee, the evolution dragon pokemon! here's what eevee looks like :3

pokemon is very important to me because it makes me feel less alone. i live all in my lonesome, and it makes me eXpecially sad...i wish i had some friends, but i don't. unless, of course, these friends are pokemon! i have not much pokemon stuff, but i'm trying to collect it all so i can have lots of stuff to enjoy of my favorite franchise. no matter what all of the hyper-christians, haters, and...yikes, say about pokemon, i will always be a fan of it!

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