Okay, I lied. This isn't really a diary.

While I do make personal entries every now and then (which I keep private), this section of my website is more adjacent to a blog if anything. I talk about things I like here. A lot. If things like knights from the medieval times or the B-52's bother you, I'd suggest not checking this place too much.

My private entries are off-limits to most people, excluding close friends and other people I trust. Warning: I will talk about my emotional struggles and occasionally risqué topics in these private entries, although I'll refrain from getting too graphic. If you'd like, you can opt out of viewing these entries.

You know, as I've worked on my Graphix page, I've come to realize that some of my behaviors are rather raven-like in nature. Not because I'm dark or brooding or anything of the sort, but because I like to hoard random trash for no reason other than "it's shiny and pretty."

Listening to: 7 элемент - Vitas

Feeling: Guileful...quite, quite guileful >:3c

You know, I never really have met my biological father...sure, being raised in a huge facility by like-minded adoptive fathers is great. But my father's been in space for who knows how long, and it's kind of starting to piss me off!

Then again, who needs a biological father when I have SCIENCE?

Feeling: Neutral, kind of forlorn? It's complicated.

If I really have discovered a new element, don't listen to IUPAC. It is named labyrinthium, after my cat, who is my main muse and inspiration for everything I do. Love you, Torture Labyrinth :3

Feeling: Seaborgian (which is a word I just made up right now. I'm so innovative, aren't I?)

Every day I get more and more certain that I am on the verge of discovering a new element on the periodic table. Like, not to sound more eccentric than usual? But these alpha decay chains are pretty damn solid! If only my father was here to see me do this...unfortunately, he's in a better place. Up there.

In space. Heehee! I got you so good.

Feeling: Jocular

I recently read the entirety of the Communist Manifesto, but in its original language. Learning German was quite worth it. Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch!

Feeling: Content

Coucou! Anyone here to listen?

I ask of you all to excuse my French, but I just went to the most kickass, heavenly Chinese restaurant with my friends. The Crab Rangoon was top tier, as always. It's hard to mess up Crab Rangoon. I also loved the chicken lo mein. The only thing that was really "meh" about it was the spring rolls. 'Twas a little bit too dry.

4.5 stars. Good food.

Eating: Crab Rangoon

Feeling: Satisfied

Whenever you ask a hardcore capitalist what they think Communism is and why they hate it, they always describe Capitalism and its flaws to a tee and I think that's quite hilarious. Imagine trying to bite the hand of the comrade but you end up biting your own.

Listening to: Party Out Of Bounds - The B-52's

Feeling: Humorous

I'm weird. And I like that! I like being weird. Being weird is very fun. I think everyone is a little weird and that's great. Or maybe everyone I know is simply as weird as me and there are "normal" people out there. Who knows.

Feeling: Weird!!

First entry. So, female knights? Very intriguing. All I want to see is a woman clad in armor, sword in hand, fighting ruthlessly for her nation. For feminist reasons, of course. I'm not a lesbian, haha.

Listening to: Weird Science - Oingo Boingo

Feeling: Alright